3 Best LED Light Up Shoes for Adults (Men and Women)

Best LED Shoes for Adults

The advancement of technology and human desire have encouraged innovation of different products in the last decade. One of these innovations is the introduction of Led shoes. Led shoes have really take the market by storm and the demand for the same is really on the increase. Manufacturers of this quality shoes have made sure that they met every consumer’s desires. These shoes are available in different desired colors and application. It is nearly so difficult to pinpoint some of the top led shoes. Here are some of the top three Led shoes for the adult that are available in Amazon.

  1. Coolloog

This is one of the highly rated led adult shoes in Amazon and the price ranges from 19.99 to 32.99 US Dollars. This shoe has been really the best selling product with the highest rating in Amazon and very good for adults. They are available in both leather and fabric. Some of the notable features about this shoes are:

  • Color range – it has about seven different colors, that is white, black 1, Golden, Red, Silver, Pink and black
  • Turning on and off- locating the switch can be complicated as it is hidden by the charging port. Pressing the switch once turns it on which is a steady red light. The light changes with each press. To switch it off you can press 12 times (as the colors are 11) or long press for about 2 seconds.
  • Sole Design– The led colors on the sole design are red, green, blue, yellow, sky blue, purple and white.
  • Charging – charging is as simple as the mobile phone with USB cable. The charging process lasts for 3 hours and will last for over 8 hours.


  • These shoes are not ideal for any sport but only for casual walking, this is simply because it will damage the lighting system.



  1. Coodo

Coode Men shoes range from the price of 9.99 to 19.99 US Dollars, some of the features of this shoes are as follows;

Design: this shoe is made of fly woven fabric and the outsole is made out of rubber.

Shoe color– it is available in about 9 colors, pink, gold, grey, red, black, purple, black/blue, blue and navy

The heel ribbon of this shoes can be sewed in either horizontal or vertical, delivered any time.

Led Color– The led colors of this shoes are about seven in number that being White, Skyblue, Yellow, Red, Green, Dark blue and purple.

Light Mode– it is a total of 7 colors and very different modes that are about 11.the light mode are as follows 1. Red which is very steady this is followed by 2. Green also a steady light. 3. Is a blue color that is steady. These are followed by other steady light 4. Yellow,5. Skyblue, 6. Purple, 7. White. After the steady light, it is followed by 8. White which twinkle. 9. Auto changes the color mode 10. Is the neon rotation mod, 11. Is the rotation twinkle mode and finally the last which one 12. Which switches it off.

The battery of this shoed will last for a maximum of 8 house that is when the light is switched on.


Not ideal for sports.



  1. Topteck


Tobeck are considered one of the best and durable led shoe and is very good for dancing. The prices for this shoes range from 15.99 to 26.99 dollars in Amazon.



l These are another type of shoes are available in different type of material, which in fabric and synthetic.

l One of the common feature about this shoes is the rubber sole.

l They come in around seven different colors which have 11 modes. The light mode can also be changed with each press after first switching it on. These colors and light are being controlled by a switch. Switching it off the switch has to be pressed 12 times. These colors are white, purple, light, light blue, yellow, red, green and blue.

l Maintenance – the shoes have to be clean with a damp cloth by wiping gently. Even though this shoe is waterproof it is very much advisable to avoid wearing them on a rainy day because this will shorten the lifespan of this shoe.

l Battery– these shoes have a lithium battery which can be located under the insole with the LED line. The battery is very simple to charge and can be linked on a mobile phone or your computer through ESB charging cable. For the battery to last for some time, it is really very important when you first purchase the shoe to switch on the light until it goes off. Aster which charges the shoe for about 3 hours.

l Power Duration– the light when fully charged can last up to 11 hours once it is charged fully for 3 hours.

l Material– it is made of the high-quality material, breathable and has a non-slip soft rubber outsole. This makes the shoe very comfortable to wear because of the support.


l Even though they are very good for dancing these shoes are not ideal for heavy walking running as the lightning system might not withstand all these activities.


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There are a variety of LED Shoes that are available in Amazon and the above mentioned are some of the top three. The consumer should be aware do the kind of product when purchasing them. The point indicated above should be a very good way of knowing what you are purchasing. This will save you time and money in the long run.

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