3 Best LED Light Up Shoes for Zumba

Three Best LED shoes for Zumba РLight U shoes reviews

Our bodies need some exercise to maintain good health. Some people think exercising can only be taking a morning run, riding your mountain bike along the nature trail or going to the gym. There are other ways to exercise, while some prefer gentle exercises like yoga, others love some dynamic movement. Dancing is an ideal way to exercise, and Zumba will help you lose lots of calories while still enjoying the dance moves. It is an exercise fitness program practiced in over 180 countries. Zumba has become so popular and Zumba Fitness, that LLC now owns the trademark.

The fitness program has many aerobic and dance movements. However, to enjoy the dance, you need shoes that are light to enhance the flow of your feet, and also comfortable. This article will enlighten you on the three best-LED shoes for Zumba.

Zumba Women’s Fly Dance Sneakers

The fly dance sneakers is a dance training sneaker that is of breathable fabric. It has circular logo emblems on each side and a lace-up vamp. The lining of the shoe is also of breathable material. The outsole is Z-slide while the midsole is compressed EVA, all of which are synthetic.

The fact that they are light in weight enables one to dance freely, and you can quickly spin in them. The Z-slide outsole makes it easy to glide on the floor. The shoe has both a padded tongue and collar which makes it comfortable even for dancers with high arches. It is available in neo pulse pink which makes your feet look vibrant. The price ranges from $28.95-$368.95.

Zumba Women’s Fly Fusion Athletic Dance Workout Sneakers with Compression Cushioning


These shoes are imported and manmade. The soles are synthetic, and the breathable material makes it soft and comfortable to fit any size. It has a compressed EVA midsole which gives your feet a comfortable fit and makes them feel light enough to move around the dance floor. The Z-slide outsole is perfect for correctly making glides on any surface.

These shoes have a fantastic cushioning, and the tread at the foot enables you to pivot yourself on wooden floors without damaging your knees. The tongue is designed to fit like a slip-on shoe but is held in place by laces, which do not compress your feet at all but instead make you comfortable to enjoy the exercise.

The shoes incorporate some shock-absorbing mechanism to enable you to jump around the floor. They are also light in weight to facilitate dance moves, and they fit well without gripping the foot. They have some wiggle room making the ideal for dancers with fuller feet. For those with high arches, these shoes provide excellent cushioning and even when the laces are loose, they fit snugly on the top of your feet. The breathable fabric offers an airy feel to your feet.

They are available on Amazon with a price range of $29.95 -$284.95. They are available in tropic blue and pink, giving your feet some color as you glide on the dance floor.


Zumba Women’s Flex II Athletic Dance Workout Shoes with Flexible fit and Arch


These are imported shoes of 50.5% synthetic and 49.5% mesh. The soles are rubber, and the mesh is breathable adding to its flexibility to enable the shoe to fit snugly. It has a leather overlay on the heel and toe area which protect your stress points upon impact.

The Z-slide technology incorporated in the making of the sole promotes gliding movement on the surface. The material is ideal since it is neither too soft nor too firm, it is just sufficiently firm. Dancers who are not hyped by bright colors may find the shoelace color a little overwhelming.

Those with fuller feet may find these shoes paying attention to them while those with narrower feet may feel the toe area a bit too wide since they also have more room at the top of the shoe. The laces can adjust the spacious feeling, but if the feet are too narrow, the top of the shoe might wrinkle. The big room in the shoe may make it uncomfortable to slide in the floor since the feet will keep sliding inside the shoe.

All in all, they are much better than your regular sneakers and will help you showcase your dance moves. They come in black, cost $29.95-$288.95, and you can order them online from Amazon.

There you have it, the best Zumba shoes that will allow you to shed some calories and maintain fitness as you practice this renowned exercise program. Comfort is essential in a shoe otherwise you spend more them in the hospital or at home recuperating than on the dance floor, all because the shoe did not fit right or provide excellent cushioning for your feet. Zumba is all about dynamic movements due to the many dances it incorporates. Therefore, a dancer must have a pair of shoes that will facilitate pivoting, gliding, sliding and any other moves.

Before you settle for your tennis shoes or jogging sneakers to attend your Zumba workout class, consider these shoes specifically designed to help you enjoy your exercise routine. They can be a little expensive, but your comfort should supersede the cost. It is time to stop complaining of injured knees, twisted ankles, hurting feet and overall discomfort. Of course, every dancer has different feet so what works for you will not do it for another. The best thing is to try the ideal pair, and if they give you the desired results, stick to them.

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